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A podcast about party games, and games you take to parties.

Mar 1, 2020

We hear you, Partysans! At least, we hear you when you call us at PARTYGAM(E)! We finally get around to listening and responding to your phone calls in this episode. Please keep calling; we'll do better. We also ate some candy, went to the video store, and pitted our beasts against one another in the arena of "sport."


We started with something you can still actually buy in a store: Skittles! Well, not normal Skittles of course, because why? No, these were faux-gurt covered Skittles. Yeah. That's a thing someone made. Also, someone else seems to have made cherry cordials with cola flavoring as well, and because we are not healthy individuals we ate them.


Old people (like us) and fans of Captain Marvel might recognize this blast from the analog past as a VHS rental box. We just called it fun.


It's so great in animal town, red panda crawlin' around! This time we played The Champion of the Wild live, and forced animals to compete in a grueling event that tested their skills to the utmost!