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A podcast about party games, and games you take to parties.

Sep 11, 2014

On Episode #41 of The Party Gamecast featuring the Party Game Cast, Bruce is joined by Rocki, Mike and Mom to talk about the first of several episodes worth of dry erase board games, with the chooser game (like Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity) Say Anything and the movie themed chooser game Schmovie from Galactic Sneeze.

We also discuss our new theme, and take a call about our awkward banter.


We discuss the games of the show at the following marks:

22:04  Say Anything

45:33  Schmovie


 We want to thank our paid sponsors for the episode:

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Finally remember we will be at the CONgress of Gamers on 9/27 and 9/28 2014 you can find the link for our party track here -


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