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A podcast about party games, and games you take to parties.

Jan 4, 2020

We'd like to start out by apologizing for the lateness of this episode. We're still here, still making content, and intend to keep it up.

In this slightly-less-board-gamey-than-usual episode we ate some crunchy snacks spelled with an unnecessary "Z" and hit up Steam to play a couple of party games that are similar to but not actually part of the Jackbox series of games. Also, we fell in love with the colonel.


We ate some puffed crunch products that may or may not have contained a tornado. Or a nacho. But definitely not a tornacho, which is good because those things can drive a tortilla chip right through a telephone pole.


This game was well-named; we have to give it that. It was a Jackbox-style game without nearly as much style.


This is another Jackbox-style game, but this one had so much style that it should've come with its own runway. Who knew that there were better subtitles to be had than "DO NOT WANT"? Smiling Buddha Games did, that's who.


Oh my, are you ever in for a treat. I know we were. We hope you're hungry, because this review is finger-lickin' good. Seriously though, you might want to pause the podcast once you hear the name of this game, download the game, and spend far too long playing it before you continue listening to our spoilers. Trust us: play this game. It's worth every minute.


P.S. - Happy birthday to London Calling, which turned forty on December 14th.