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A podcast about party games, and games you take to parties.

Jan 4, 2017

On the released out of sequence Episode #78 Bruce is joined by Mike, Bryan and Rocki to talk about the Gigamic (however it's pronounced) games Gloobz and Karibou Camp.


Lets Get Topical

TPGC was up for a Mobbie, the Baltimore Sun new media award.  We ask for votes, but the voting has closed.  If we have released this earlier, we might have won, hopefully next year.  We did take 3rd, and in what was a huge field, that's not bad.

What the Food

In this What the Food!?! We take a taste of a couple of Meat Flavored potato chips in our Chiptastic Main Event.  One of them is from 7-Eleven, so that's a thing.

Also at the first break we have a listener What the Food!?! from Mark Drezja, and with this we open it up to you, if you want to create your own What the Food!?!, feel free to send those over, we would love to put them on the show.

Gloobz and Karibou Camp were sent over from our friends at Gigamic, you can find these and many other great games at

You can find What the Geek right here


Thanks so much for listening!