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A podcast about party games, and games you take to parties.

Nov 24, 2014

On episode #47 of The Party Gamecast featuring the Party Game Cast, Bruce is joined by Mike, Rocki, Mom, Chris and Maureen to talk about the family classics Uno and Yahtzee. We discuss the merits of each game, and also give suggestions for other games you might want to suggest to your families. 


Topical Discussion

  5:32 - What the Food - Root Beer Float Oreos

Here is a link to those cookies on the Fat Guy Food Blog, a blog I know nothing about, but has lots of pictures of the cookies.

18:05 - Our version of the history of Uno

24:16 - Uno

50:02 - Our version of the history of Dice and Yahtzee

53:50 - Yahtzee


Our sponsor of the episode is Corked the game you can find them at but to win the contest, you must find the game on and send it in.


Thanks for listening, and please send in thoughts for our 50th episode to all the various places.