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A podcast about party games, and games you take to parties.

Aug 27, 2014

On this episode of The Party Gamecast LIVE at the WBCs 2014, we are joined by Dominic Crapuchettes one of the head honchos at North Star Games.  He has been a co-creator on games like Wits and Wagers and Say Anything!, he is also publishing the new strategy game Evolution, which has been funded with a very successful Kickstarter.

He talks Evolution, Party games, the new digital division of North Star Games, your change to win a golden ticket* by buying the 1,000,000th copy of Wits and Wagers, the lost and maybe refound Wits and Wagers game show, and Bruce does a very bad impression of Kat Williams.


Thanks for listening, and you can find North Star Games at



*no actual prize available, but you might want to fake it and see what happens...and buy the game, it's awesome!