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A podcast about party games, and games you take to parties.

Aug 22, 2014

Hey folks, its that time again, it's time for the most self indulgent thing the Party Game Cast does in any's Snack Brackets TIME!!!!

This year Bruce is joined by Mike, Mom, Marty, Chris, Maureen and Rocki to talk about 8 different and unique snacks.

The Lays Brackets consists of the 4 Lays "Do us a flavor" flavors:

Bacon Mac and Cheese

Wasabi Ginger

Mango Salsa



you can find info about them at!/


In the "Wayword, Random Snacks" Bracket it is

Terra Tropical Chips 

Pardoes Perky Pizza Flavored Pretzels!flavored-pretzels/c1z6z

Kettle Brand Maple Bacon

Utz Tabasco Chips


See how they all did, also check out twitter feed for the half time show which included several Korean noodle snacks.  You can find that @partygamecast


Thanks for indulging us, and listening, please let us know what you thought about this show, we only do one of these a year.